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Vandanite Professional Engineering Services


We offer our broad range of skills and expertise in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors. Innovative, cost-effective and client-focused engineering solutions for modern South Africa.

Foundation Engineering

Vandanite (Pty) Ltd Structural and Civil Engineers offers foundation engineering services for residential, commercial and industrial buildings. We can assist you in the foundation design and construction and any structural and building investigation and reports you may need.


Raft Foundation Services

Our raft foundation services include the design of your raft foundation along with the construction process where we will ensure that you receive the best service.

Raft foundations are used where the soil is weak, and therefore building loads must be spread over a large area. The construction cost of our raft foundation designs is comparable to conventional strip footings.


Pile Foundation Services

Pile foundation is commonly used in locations where poor soil conditions exist. Piles are used as a substitute for other foundation methods when earth around the property isn’t strong enough to support conventional foundations. Our pile foundation service delivers the complete onsite service which includes the consultancy in planning, design and execution and supervision on site.

Spread Footings & Wall Footings

Our spread footing service provides a stable base around the entire perimeter of a structure. Spread footings are commonly used in load-bearing masonry construction.


Raft Individual Footings

We offer individual footing services which are used when the load of the building is carried by columns. Each column will then have its own footing to help support the weight and load.


Retaining Wall Design

Retaining wall design retains soil to form an unusual slope from the desired soil elevation and forms a landscape with a desired profile or to shape a road overpass. We use a number of different retaining wall designs which include retaining concrete walls, reinforced masonry walls and concrete blocks.


Geotechnical Investigations

We perform geotechnical engineering investigations throughout our preferred specialised services offered. This includes, without being limited to, the analysis, design and construction of foundations, slopes, retaining structures, embankments and other systems that are made of or are supported by soil and rock.

Structural Engineering

Vandanite (Pty) Ltd provides structural engineering services for the design analysis of new structures and existing structures. If your existing structure shows signs of damage or distress, we can analyse the structure and fix the problem before major damage occurs.


Structural and Steel Design

We provide structural design services in steel design and analysis which provide cost effective structural steel design solutions no matter how small or complex the job may be. Vandanite’s structural design services include roof structures, warehouses, factories and workshops.


Concrete Design

Vandanite (Pty) Ltd has a wealth of knowledge and many years of experience in steel and reinforced concrete structures. We offer concrete design services for all building elements such as reinforced concrete, pre-stressed concrete design and post tension concrete design.


Reinforcement Detailing

We provide quality reinforced concrete detailing services where we tailor our service to meet the needs of both the smallest and  most demanding projects. We provide highly-detailed reinforcement drawings to maximise quality control on site. We use the latest CAD and BIM software for all our analysis, modelling and drafting.


Structural Integrity Reports

We provide structural integrity reports for clients that require a structural report for existing structures. We do this for new structures and structures that show signs of distress.

Civil Engineering

Vandanite (Pty) Ltd offers Civil Engineering services throughout South Africa with a particular focus on the Gauteng region. Our civil engineering services include earthworks platforms, local roads and streets, parking areas, stormwater management, drainage, attenuation and water and sewer reticulation.

We ensure that with each civil project that we do that we deliver on time, within budget and to specification.


Local Roads and Streets

We provide civil engineering services in the planning, design, construction and maintenance of local roads and streets in the Gauteng region, to ensure safe and effective transportation. We take into account future traffic flow, the design of highway intersections/interchanges, geometric alignment and design, highway pavement materials and design, structural design of pavement thickness and pavement maintenance.


Stormwater Management and Drainage Services

Vandanite (Pty) Ltd offers civil engineering services in stormwater management, drainage and attenuation. The design and correct drainage and management of stormwater is an important aspect of minimising localised regional flooding. The correct stormwater management is also good for the environment and everyone within the drainage basin.

We ensure that we provide our clients with a practical and effective solution that balances cost, maintenance and aesthetics and meets the government's regulations.


Car Park Design and Construction

Our engineers make use of the advanced and dynamic CAD software features for designing complete car parks. Well-designed and constructed parking are the the first and last part of a building complex to be viewed and used by customers, visitors and employees - vital for the overall feeling conveyed to the user.

Our parking areas are well designed and functional to ensure that your parking area is not overlooked or under-designed which could cause excessive maintenance problems and a shortened service life.


Earthworks Platform Services

Our highly experienced and dedicated civil engineering design technicians have a wealth of experience and knowledge in the earthworks field and will ensure that they provide personalised attention to each and every site worked on.


Water and Sewer Reticulation Services

We have carried out numerous projects that incorporate wastewater as well as water installations and reticulation. 

General Consulting Services

Our general engineering consulting services include engineering project planning and feasibility studies, construction monitoring and contract documentation and reports.


Engineering Project Planning and Feasibility Studies

We perform a wide range of investigation, evaluation and planning services on existing buildings and new structures which cover a diverse range of issues. We set high standards for quality, value and cost-efficiency. We consistently create flexible and cost-effective solutions that meet and exceed our client’s expectations.


Construction Management Services

We offer a professional construction management services that make use of specialised project management techniques to oversee the planning, design and construction of each of our projects from start to end. This ensures control over each of our project’s time, cost and quality.


Contract Documentation and Reports

We ensure that we include all the relevant documents needed to form the contract, such as conditions, drawings and plans, costings and technical specifications. 


Effective Engineering Reports

We provide detailed engineering reports which describe the research conducted on the problem or issue, followed by a discussion on possible research methods and a description of the data and findings. We then provide precise and informed possible solutions. 

Turnkey Residential Construction Solutions

We facilitate the management of residential projects from assisting with the material selection, engineering, design and construction all under one roof.

We are client-focused and refer our preferred architects as well as provide quality engineering and construction services. We consistently maintain a comprehensive perspective throughout the process of building or renovating your home. 

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